Success Stories

Tom Richards

Vice President of Sales | vAuto

CEB Sales Effectiveness Solutions: A premium-priced software organization revamps its go-to-market strategy to increase market share and meet the growth expectations of its parent company, Cox Automotive.

Client Challenge

  • Continue to hold top position among franchise dealers
  • Improve sales to independent dealers


  • 248% YOY growth in sales to independent dealers
  • Positive feedback of Challenger model from customers and participants


vAuto was working hard to protect its leading position among franchise dealers and to more effectively reach the largely under-penetrated independent dealer space.

Standing in the way of growth was:  

  • A fixed and shrinking prospect pool of franchise dealers.
  • Copycat competition offering cheaper solutions and undermining vAuto’s position with existing customers.
  • An unfamiliar segment of independent dealers with highly varying business models, goals, and needs.


vAuto aligned its go-to-market approach to Challenger Selling™ best practices.
During this journey, vAuto:

  • Designed new-in-kind Challenger™ conversations for its flagship products through our Challenger™ Messaging workshop.
  • Armed managers and sellers with Challenger skills needed to deliver higher- value interactions with the customer through the Challenger Development Program™.
  • Realigned its opportunity management process to customer verifiers to drive better qualified leads and more accurate forecasts.


Nine months following the program deployment, vAuto recorded 248% YOY growth in its sales to independent dealers.

Just 60 days following the seller workshop, 97% of participants reported that:

  • Challenger skills will help them more effectively do their jobs.
  • Challenger skills have helped them progress or close an opportunity.
  • Customers have reacted positively to the Challenger model.

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