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Beth LaGuardia Cooper

VP of Marketing | American Public University

Show Transcript

How has CEB brought value to you and your team?

I have utilized CEB as a really robust resource to think about innovative ways to not just incrementally augment what we do, but to think differently about how we do it, what we do, and really kind of stay ahead of the curve, so I sort of consider it a secret weapon of mine.

How does CEB help you and your team function more efficiently?

Actually, I think part of it is serving as a pretty robust tool, so I typically visit the website for CEB on a regular basis as a starting point for research, which saves me all kinds of time on the front end and I reference it for my team as well to look for just day-to-day professional development, new ideas to serve as a go to for really kind of setting the stage and building a framework for new initiatives or thinking differently, again, about what we do and how we do it. So I would say that's been great and CEB just as a team has been very efficient for me.

How does CEB save you time?

It might be hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of pages of research that I could look through, but often it's a 20 minute call with someone who's really knowledgeable and helps me synthesize all of that into what's going to make a difference for me.

How would you describe CEB's value in your day-to-day work?

What I really like is the fact that the folks at CEB are very, not only responsive, but do a lot of listening, trying to understand my pain points up front and then really proactively working to synthesize all of the material that you could take a look at to build a business case that's really going to impact me in my day to day job and be effective in reaching my goals. So I really appreciate that.

You're a busy marketer — how do you find time to use us?

The fine folks here really reached out to me and said, "Okay, how do you want to use us? What are your pain points? What's going to be most effective in terms of opportunities for us to connect on the phone or check in with you?" And that made a difference to me, because it helped me put specific time on my calendar to think forward to my next quarter, my next six months or the upcoming year, in terms of key initiatives and really build a foundation from which I could just reference.

How does using CEB add value to your organization?

Really utilizing the resource is important. So, if you are asking yourself what tool can you put in your toolbox to stay ahead of trends, to stay ahead of what people are doing at the best companies and you want that information to be available to you along with a whole team of people who can help you really synthesize and think about that as it relates to your business, then you're looking in the right place, but you have to use it. So, as long as you reach out, as long as you're looking to invest in a very minimal way, I think the return is far more than you could expect.

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