Developing High-Potential Employees (HiPo)

Learn how to find, nurture and retain high-potential employees


High-potential employees (HiPos):

  • Are 91% more valuable to the organization than non-HiPos
  • Exert 21% more effort than their peers
  • Are 3 times more likely to succeed as future leaders

However, the number of HiPos has declined by 48% in recent years – and worse still, 73% of HiPo programs fail to deliver business outcomes or ROI.

The HR Guide to Identifying HiPos is based in over a decade of research analyzing 6.6M professionals.  You will learn to:

  • More accurately identify HiPos
  • Accelerate their development
  • Evaluate and ensure HiPos' success in your organization

Download this free research report and get your organization on the path toward finding, nurturing and retaining high-potential employees.