Dave Anderson

As the head of CEB’s Sales Leadership Council for Midsized Companies, Dave's job is to create and fulfill the program’s strategy for customer engagement, new product and research, and product delivery.  Critical parts of his job are managing the Research and Advisory Services Teams for the segment.

Prior to this role, Dave spent seven years as an Advisor for the Sales Leadership Council, partnering 1:1 with member organizations to help them turn CEB research, insights, and tools into action. 

Before working at CEB, Dave was in sales and account management for a F500 company in the high tech space.

Scott Collins

Scott Collins is a Principal Executive Advisor within the CEB Sales Leadership Council's advisory team. In this role, Scott works closely with member executives to apply the CEB Sales' research and best practices to their most pressing and important challenges. As a senior team member, he has experience working with Chief Sales Officers and their teams across a variety of industries such as technology, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and business services.  Scott received his MBA from Penn State University and holds a BA in Communications from the University of Illinois.

Rick DeLisi

Rick DeLisi has served as host and MC of the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit for the past six years, and is excited to be back in Las Vegas for another year with the Summit team. At CEB he specializes in the areas of Customer Service, Customer Experience and Communications, and is co-author of the best-selling book "The Effortless Experience."

Charlie Dorrier

Charlie Dorrier is a Director with CEB, working in CEB’s Sales & Marketing Solutions group. He currently manages the North America client delivery team out of the firm’s headquarters office in Arlington, VA.

Charlie has developed a deep expertise in sales strategy and productivity issues across his 12 year tenure with CEB. He has worked across all practice areas of focus: Sales Productivity, Sales Skill Development, Manager Coaching, Sales/Marketing Messaging, and Organizational Best Practice Assessment.

Prior to joining CEB, Charlie worked as an Analyst within the telecommunications industry, conducting primary research around financial performance and writing articles for industry trade publications around the expansion and subsequent consolidation of the market.  Charlie has also worked as a staff assistant in the US Senate, and in various roles on several political campaigns, both on the national and local level.]

Charlie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from The University of Virginia and a Masters in Business Administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business.  He and his wife Tess live with their two daughters in Alexandria, VA.


Carlos Guerrero

Carlos has been with CEB since 2007. Currently, he facilitates research-based presentations and leads various action-oriented workshops for Heads of Marketing and their teams. He served in a similar role with CEB Legal and CEB Compliance for several years. Carlos holds a JD from the American University Washington College of Law. Prior to law school he was a research analyst with Oaktree Capital Management.  

Liam Kelly

Liam leads the CEB Sales Leadership Council product in EMEA - advising cross-industry Senior Sales Executive's & Sales Organisations within EMEA on the insights derived from CEB Sales quantitative and best-practice research into critical decision areas in driving sales functional excellence.

Matthew Kiel

Matthew Kiel serves as the Advisory Leader & Director, Australia and New Zealand, working across CEB’s Sales, Marketing, and Service Practice from our Sydney office.

In this role, Matthew leads a team of advisors who regularly facilitate discussions with senior executives and their teams on how best to apply peer experience and CEB's quantitative insight to their own context. He also leads the in-market client delivery team for our Sales & Marketing Solutions business, which helps organisations implement commercial transformation projects aligned to “The Challenger Sale” findings.

Members seek out Matthew's input as a thought-partner and interpreter of CEB research in areas such as: customer messaging and engagement, tool design and adoption, talent development, and manager effectiveness. He is frequently invited to speak at client conferences and keynote sessions on “The Challenger Sale,” “The Challenger Customer,” “The Effortless Experience,” and other customer-related topics.

Immediately prior to this role, Matthew served as a Senior Executive Advisor working with Sales leaders across the EMEA region out of our London office, and before that as the Practice Leader for our Sales program supporting midsized organisations in North America.

He received a BA in Economics from the University of Richmond and completed the dual degree EMBA-Global program through Columbia Business School and London Business School. He resides with his wife in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Jamie Kleinerman

Jamie Kleinerman is a Senior Consultant on CEB's New Product Development team, with an emphasis on the Sales Solutions space.

Michael McCune

Michael McCune is a Senior Executive Advisor supporting the CEB Marketing Leadership Council. In that capacity he works with heads of marketing and their leadership teams to map the future evolution of their functions and to integrate best practices into their existing processes. Prior to his current role, Michael was a Senior Consumer Strategist for CEB Iconoculture where he advised marketing organizations on shifts in global consumer behavior.

Emeka Osakwe

Emeka Osakwe is an Executive Advisor with CEB’s Sales Leadership Council. In his role as a thought partner, Emeka as a bridge between the membership and the research canon and works with member executives and their teams on how to apply peer experiences and leverage CEB’s best practices to address pressing business challenges consequently helping them inflect change within their commercial organizations. He is a graduate from the University of Michigan.

Keri Parcells

In her current role, Keri supports marketing executives and their teams by applying insights from the Council’s quantitative research to their most pressing business challenges in areas including customer experience strategy, strategic marketing planning, sales enablement, marketing communications, and social media.

Kyle Rees

Kyle is an Executive Advisor with CEB Marketing where he leverages best practice research to deliver tailored solutions to senior marketing executives at mid-size high growth B2B and B2C companies across North America. Core areas of focus include: - Content marketing - Omnichannel brand strategy - Demand generation and lead management - Strategic planning - Organizational design - Customer loyalty and retention - Marketing technology - Customer experience

Pat Spenner

Pat Spenner is a strategic initiatives leader in CEB's Marketing practice.  He is a co-author of The Challenger Customer. Pat currently leads product development for CEB's Challenger Marketing group and in the marketing technology space.

Nick Toman

Nick Toman oversees the global research operation and product development for CEB's Sales Leadership Council, which serves more than 650 sales organizations around the world. Nick’s expertise spans a variety of topics including talent management, customer experience management, sales and service operations management, sales and service strategy, sales enablement and organizational culture. He most enjoys researching the intersection where behavioral economics and social science meet traditional business management.

Nick has authored several articles featured in Harvard Business Review ("Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers," July-August 2010, "The End of Solution Sales," July-August 2012, and "Dismantling the Sales Machine," November 2013). He is a principle contributor to The Challenger Sale (Penguin/Portfolio, 2010) and ongoing research on the Challenger™ model and Insight Selling™ approach. Nick is a frequent contributor on sales and customer service topics for a number of blogs, including that of the Harvard Business Review and Freakonomics, as well as on CEB’s sales and customer service blogs.

Shelley West

Shelley West is a Senior Executive Advisor with CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council. In this role she helps heads of Marketing and their teams work through their most pressing challenges and apply CEB’s research, frameworks, and best practices. Prior to joining the Executive Advisory team in 2013, Shelley spent 3 years as a strategic research consultant for the Marketing Leadership Council.

Ann Winstead

Ann Winstead is an Executive Advisor with CEB’s Sales Leadership Council, acting as a bridge between the membership and CEB’s research canon. An expert on the Challenger Sale and how companies implement Insight Selling, Ann has discussed and advised senior sales executives and their teams on best practice documentation and implementation. She has vast experience presenting to executive and management teams, sales managers, and front line reps in both live and virtual settings.

Spencer Wixom

Spence joined CEB and the Sales & Marketing Solutions team in 2007, after working in Real Estate Development and Investment Banking. He is a key member of the SMS leadership team and he executive manages Challenger implementations in some of the world’s largest and most complex sales and marketing organizations.  Spence has also spent years actively building the presence of Challenger in Asia Pacific, having run the SMS practice out of CEB’s offices in Sydney and Singapore.  His sales and marketing interests include developing seller customer-facing capability, enhancing manager coaching capability and sales and marketing collaboration to build powerful commercial messaging.  He holds a BA from the University of Utah and an MBA from Brigham Young University.  He currently lives in Dallas, TX.