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Success Stories

Challenger Sale - Don Strimbu

Embedding CEB's Challenger Selling™ Model at Autodesk

Challenger - The Charmer Sunbelt Group

CEB Helps Charmer Sunbelt Group Lift Sales through Coaching

Straumann's Global Challenger Development

Institute Straumann AG's Global Challenger Development Programme™

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Challenger Sale - Stefan Radwanski

Making the Sales Experience a Competitive Advantage at Cameron

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Building an Organization of Challengers at Kimberly-Clark Professional

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Challenger Development at Medtronic

Challenger™ Development at Medtronic

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Challenger Development at Purdue Pharma

Challenger™ Development at Purdue Pharma

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Challenger - Staples

Staples, Inc. and CEB Drive Coaching Excellence

Challenger Development at Statoil

Challenger™ Development at Statoil Fuel & Retail

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