The Challenge

Today’s savvy customers look for a company sales representative that will bring them unique and valuable perspectives when they are considering a product or solution.  They need help in navigating alternatives, understanding risks and pitfalls that are either known or unknown, and ultimately, they want to be ahead of the curve in learning about and tackling specific business problems. 

What customers really want is for sellers to advance and challenge their thinking through a differentiated sales experience.  Surprisingly, 73% of sellers do not naturally have the skills to create the experience that customers want. 

What’s even more compelling is that the sales experience drives 53% of customer loyalty -- more than all other loyalty drivers combined. This means your seller skills are more critical than you may have realized. The sellers who do have these skills are called Challengers and they have a proven ability to capture and maintain customer loyalty through the sales experience.

Our Approach

Why You and Your Customers Need Challengers

While training can be helpful, CEB has found that sales professionals forget 87% of what they learned within 30 days. Training is typically treated as an event and not as an opportunity to build capabilities to sustain a competitive advantage. The engagement of leaders and managers following any training event is a critical piece to sustaining a change effort.

CEB Challenger Development Program™ is designed to develop high performing sellers, better known as Challengers. It is not a training event, but rather seller development that supports the organization’s change in commercial strategy. The Program was designed using CEB best practices in sales and learning and development to embed Challenger skills and behaviors in your company in a sustainable manner.

There are two distinct phases of the program:

Building Challenger™ Skills
The initial phase provides sellers with the skills needed to be high performers in today’s complex sales environment.

Advancing Challenger™ Skills
A continuation of the program that helps fine-tune your teams' Challenger™ skills and gives them the ability to identify and engage customer stakeholders most likely to drive action.

Challenger™ is a registered trademark of CEB.