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Challenger™ Sales Exchange Wins Brandon Hall Award

We are pleased to announce that CEB Sales Exchange has won a coveted Brandon Hall Group bronze award for excellence, in partnership with HireVue! The award recognized CEB Sales Exchange in the Best Advance in Unique Sales Enablement Technology category. 

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Brandon Hall Award

The Challenge

Commercial leaders constantly search for scalable, creative ways to drive change in their teams. They invest heavily in onboarding, improving seller performance, developing new insights, and arming managers to coach, all in the name of profitable growth and greater market share.

However, without  visibility into daily execution on the front lines or a mechanism to share the best sales techniques across teams, leaders are forced to rely on sheer faith that their managers are reliably coaching those who need it most.

How We Can Help

CEB Sales Exchange is a leading video platform designed to combine cutting edge technology with our best practices and research to help your team reach its potential.  Leading companies are turning to video technology like ours because they see it as the ideal medium to share, distribute, and observe seller skills, all while enabling managers to coach more efficiently across widely dispersed teams.  Further, our extensive catalog of ready-made programs ensures your team is focusing on the right exercises while saving time and effort.

CEB Sales Exchange helps sales teams in the following ways:

  • Sustain Your Challenger Transformation. Help sellers safely practice Challenger techniques and Commercial Insights, to improve their delivery and application of Challenger principles to actual opportunities.
  • Scale Your Coaching Efforts. Provide managers with visibility into sales execution and enable their coaching across broad, distributed teams.
  • Onboard New Hires to Shorten Time to Productivity. Leverage best practice and key product pitch videos to help get new sellers up to speed quickly.
  • Improve New Product Launches. Introduce new products to the team in a consistent, effective manner to ensure your sellers are ‘customer-ready’.
  • Share Your Best Practices. Take your top sellers’ behaviors and share them across the team—moving the middle and improving results.



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