The Challenge

Today's selling environment is increasingly complex, and as a result, Sales Managers are given more and more responsibilities. With aggressive sales goals, new technology adoption, territory management, forecasting, and all other day to day activities, managers need the skills to prioritize across many responsibilities.

Most organizations promote star sellers to management — this "jump" leaves these new managers with a large proficiency gap in critical managerial skills.  Moreover, they are managing sellers who are working with more educated buyers and also navigating multiple stakeholders within customer organizations.  In fact, they may not have sold in this new complex environment creating a second "jump".

This "double jump" means sales managers aren't performing like they could or should, which leads to lower revenuehigher seller turnover, and a lower likelihood of success for change management initiatives.

Our Approach

Key Drivers of Manager Effectiveness

CEB research identified selling, coaching, and sales innovation skills as the key drivers of manager effectiveness. To address these drivers, CEB created the Sales Management Development Program, designed using best practices from CEB research in Sales and Human Resources, to maximize skill development.

Our comprehensive program incorporates two tracks designed to achieve your business objectives:

  • Coaching to the Challenger™: Help sales managers drive consistent Challenger skills and behaviors.
  • Complex Deal Management: Increase success in complex deals by providing managers with techniques to overcome obstacles and manage stakeholders.

Through this program, Sales Managers will better understand your customers' business drivers, more effectively lead and coach sales teams, and learn advanced sales and innovation tactics to guide sellers in overcoming obstacles in a more selling complex environment.

Challenger™ is a registered trademark of CEB.