Hire Future Top Performers

Hiring processes are changing due to the high costs associated with hiring the wrong candidates - forgone revenue, higher turnover, slower time to productivity, and the overhead associated with constantly filling open positions. While the gap between core and high performers continues to grow, it's all the more important to select candidates with the competencies that mark high performance. In complex selling environments, these high performers are far more likely to be Challengers than any other selling profile.

Assess In-Seat Talent for Development Opportunities

The CEB Challenger™ Selection & Assessment defines your organization's high performance profile, determines the profile of individual candidates and their propensity to be a Challenger, and enables you to hire those sellers most likely to succeed. Rooted in the CEB Challenger Selling™ model, the assessment benchmarks your sales team's competencies against your peers to improve your candidate targeting and increase the prevalence of Challengers relative to the competition. New hires that outperform on the Challenger Sales Assessment have been shown to produce higher sales results.

Specifically, the assessment will allow you to:

  • Improve hiring by selecting candidates with the highest likelihood to exhibit Challenger skills—leading to greater productivity and higher overall sales performance
  • Improve development of existing staff by identifying specific gaps with respect to Challenger skills—leading to higher individual goal attainment
  • Improve internal resource allocation by placing sellers in roles that best match their sales profile, maximizing the chance of success—leading to lower turnover


Challenger™ is a registered trademark of CEB.