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Challenger™ Marketing Content Architect

Powerful Challenger Content Done Right, The First Time

The Challenge

What happens in a world where Sales doesn’t get in until later and later in the buying process?

In a world where customers are setting their expectations without the benefit of a Challenger salesperson to point out things they might be missing, Marketing’s role necessarily expands – and that means Marketing content must perform the Challenger role in the absence of a salesperson.

To disrupt customer thinking in the early stages of their buying journey and shape demand in your favor, Marketing needs to engineer a content strategy where every piece of content works towards that goal and purposefully paths customers to explore and eventually accept your disruptive view of the world—in other words, your Commercial Insight!

How We Can Help

Don’t waste  limited marketing resources building content that doesn’t get the job done.  Instead, build high-quality, market-ready content fast and right with CEB’s Challenger Marketing Content Architect solution.

Key commercial stakeholders from your organization, CEB, and a Challenger-certified agency partner will co-create a Challenger content strategy and a customized scope of work (marketing content and sales tools) to shape customer demand and deliver your commercial insight throughout the entire customer buying journey.

The payoff? It’s pretty substantial!

  • Start placing fewer, larger bets on disruptive content that stands out, change minds, and inspires favorable customer action
  • Generate marketing leads sellers ACTUALLY WANT
  • Inoculate against Marketing’s tendency to go it alone, and instead bring Sales in at the beginning to boost co-ownership and likelihood of adoption

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