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CEB Challenger™ Activation

For Mid Sized Companies

Driving Growth in a Complex Selling Environment

Today’s B2B selling environment is more complex for buyers and sellers alike.  Customers have access to an unprecedented amount of information, more options to choose from, and more people involved in a purchase decision.  What customers really want is for sellers to advance and challenge their thinking throughout their buying journey. They reward those suppliers and sales teams that deliver a differentiated sales experience. In fact, research shows that the sales experience alone drives 53% of customer loyalty.

The highest performing teams focused on growth are adopting the proven Challenger™ model to bring break-through insights that reframe the way customers think about their own business.  They are providing a unique and valuable perspective to their customers and helping them to navigate alternatives and avoid risks.

Growing companies that are in their first $50, $500, and even $750M in revenue have unique needs to hit their big growth targets.  With limited time and resources and a team that is typically stretched thin, how can you implement this successful approach and ensure it is embedded in your organization? 

Introducing Challenger™ Activation: Designed to drive performance for Mid-Market Commercial Organizations

Challenger™ Activation is a technology-driven set of sales and marketing tools designed to arm your sellers with the foundational skills and sales approach needed to bring commercial insight to their next customer meeting.  With dedicated support from CEB experts throughout the program, Challenger™ Activation standardizes an insight-led approach across the sales organization, embedding and reinforcing the skills and approach needed to help sellers, managers, and leadership achieve greater commercial outcomes. 

Challenger™ Activation supports organizations implementing the Challenger model with the following:

  • Creation and dissemination of insights that sellers and marketing teams can use to gain customer mindshare and drive buying decisions in your favor.
  • Training sales teams to build Challenger™ skills and capabilities, for both your frontline sellers and managers.
  • Development of sales plans to support sellers as they prepare for and follow-up on “must win” customer opportunities using the Challenger™ approach.