The 5 Dominant Approaches to Selling

CEB surveyed over 6,000 sales reps across geographies and industries. The research revealed that sales reps fall into one of five profiles, but only one consistently outperforms - the Challenger.

  • Relationship Builders focus on developing strong personal and professional relationships and work hard to resolve tensions in the commercial relationship.
  • Hard Workers will make more calls in an hour and conduct more visits in a week than just about anyone else on the team.
  • Lone Wolves are deeply self-confident. They are the rule-breaking cowboys of the sales force who do things their way or not at all.
  • Reactive Problem Solvers focus on post-sales follow-up, ensuring that service issues related to implementation and execution are addressed quickly and thoroughly.
  • Challengers use their deep understanding of their customers’ business to push their thinking and take control of the sales conversation. They’re not afraid to share even potentially controversial views and are assertive—with both their customers and bosses.

What makes the Challenger Selling™ model different?

Research tells us that Challenger Sellers are defined by these key capabilities:

  • Teach their customers.
  • Tailor their sales message to the customer.
  • Take control of the sale.
  • Builds constructive tension.

The Challenger Selling™ model is the essence of what makes leading organizations great today. 

Challenger™ is a registered trademark of CEB.