The Effortless Experience

The Effortless Experience

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Blueprint for Building a Low Effort Service Organization


One-page outline of the most valuable actions the service organization can be taking today on behalf of their customers and company to reduce customer effort.

Customer Effort Score 2.0 Starter Kit


Implement the best metric for measuring customer loyalty with key implementation tips, as well as benchmarking data to compare your organization’s performance.

Effortless Experience™ Dashboard Sample Survey Questions


Identify the drivers of high customer effort in service interactions.  Download sample questions from the Effortless Experience™ Dashboard which captures customer feedback on over 50 critical components of customer effort.

Effort Audit Tool


Map customer issues to the best-fit channel for resolution, taking into account both customer effort and cost to the organization.

Issue-To-Channel Mapping Tool

Issue-to-Channel mapping tool

Identify the channel(s) where your customers are expending the greatest effort (e.g., Web, IVR, Phone) to help understand which channel offers the greatest opportunity to reduce customer effort.

Trainer Toolkit: Top Negative Language Scenarios


Identify the most problematic customer service situations that arise often in your industry to help determine what kinds of conversations will elicit negative language.