Selection Assessment for Recruiters

For every 10 customers who have a high-effort service experience, 9 will become disloyal and 8 will say something negative about your brand to others.

The CEB Effortless Experience™ Selection Assessment can help you identify and acquire the candidates that are best equipped to effectively create a low-effort environment for your customers.

Identify High-Potential Reps - Before You Hire Them

Our Selection Assessments help you acquire and retain contact center representatives who are best-suited to take control of service interactions and deliver a low-effort customer experience.

Drawing from a library of contact center employee data from CEB Talent Assessment, our objective assessments measure hard and soft skills to provide an overall recommendation of which candidates will make the best representatives for your organization.

Choose from five different assessments, each tailored to the contact center role you are hiring for, including:

  • Regular Agents | Advanced Agents | Bilingual Agents | Sales Agents | Remote Agents

See Real Improvements from Better Hiring Decisions

Increase Efficiency

At a telecomm provider, customer service agents with high assessment scores handled calls 9% faster; the increased productivity translated to a cost reduction of over $22 million annually.

Boost Revenue

Employees whose test scores were in the top quartile sold 21% more units, on average per month, and generated $27,216 more sales per year per employee.

Decrease Turnover

16% lower first year staff turnover rates for those hired via CEB SHL Talent Measurement selection assessments, saving an estimated $2.6 million.