Effortless Experience

The Effortless Experience™ Dashboard helps contact centers identify where customers expend the most effort within the service experience and target improvements in the areas that will have the greatest impact on loyalty. Dashboard has now partnered with Tethr to access unfiltered voice of customer. Using artificial intelligence that is trained to "think like CEB," Tethr can help pinpoint and prioritize issues causing the highest effort for your customers, down to the individual rep level.  Learn more about Tethr.

Driven by an online customer survey designed to capture feedback at every point along the service journey, we provide a series of reports and advisory support to help:

1. Build a Business Case for Service Function Improvements: Quantify the current relationship between customer effort and overall company loyalty for your organization, as well as the potential impact of service improvements—while benchmarking performance against other service organizations

2. Obtain a Cross-Channel View of the Service Organization:Review a snapshot of channel behaviors from the customer’s perspective to identify the most common issue-resolution chokepoints and potential areas for cost savings

3. Accurately Inform Prioritization and Decision Making: Pinpoint the poorest performing areas by examining all effort drivers relative to peer benchmarks and the types of issues the customer is attempting to resolve.



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