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CEB's Sales & Service offerings deliver insights that upend conventional wisdom and change the way executives address long-standing and emerging business challenges. With our guidance, tools and training, sales and customer service/support leaders drive excellence in their organizations.

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5 Trends That Will Affect All Sales Execs in 2016
Based on thousands of interactions with sales executives around the globe, dozens of conferences and summits, and hundreds of thousands of data points, here are five trends that sales teams will likely battle with this year. 14 Jan 2016
B2B Sales: How to Improve Your Sales Pitch and Your Golf Swing
B2B sales and marketing has changed dramatically in recent times, and many firms have undertaken big sales reorganizations as a result. But they rarely give sales reps or their managers a chance to practice with the new techniques they are asked to use. 05 Jan 2016
B2B Sales: 3 Steps to Close Business Before the Holidays
For sales reps stuck in the office trying to close business by the end of the year, it’s incredibly tempting to cut corners in hope of bringing in the deals, but unfortunately it just won't work. Following these three steps could make the process easier. 18 Dec 2015

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