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B2B Sales: 3 Stats That Prove Customers Are Leading You On
Sales teams faced with stalling deals and shrinking margins need to realize that customer behavior is as much a factor as anything they're doing right or wrong. Three stats will help convince you. Tue Feb 21 03:00:01 EST 2017
B2B Sales: Relationships in Asia are Overrated
Relationships certainly are important to commercial deals in Asia, but sales reps also need to be able to challenge customers and teach them something new. Mon Feb 20 03:00:36 EST 2017
Customer Service: How to Write a Job Post for High-Performing Reps
It's time to throw away the template that you've used for the past decade. You don't want a rep that's a "people person" or one that's "passionate" about customer service. Fri Feb 17 03:00:15 EST 2017

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