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How SAP Implemented the Challenger Way of Selling
In 2012, software group SAP decided to launch a new way of selling worldwide. In just three years, it turned 5500 salespeople into creative marketers, who closed significantly more deals. 01 Apr 2016
B2B Sales: How to Get Customers to Move Beyond Price
The groups that sign-off on B2B purchases are larger and more diverse than ever, which makes it harder than ever for them to reach any agreement. Reps can't control that but they can help resolve these groups' dysfunctional decision-making. 23 Mar 2016
B2B Sales: 3 Steps to Hit Your Goals This Year
Just as anyone cannot expect to get fit without some planning of their diet and exercise, sellers must evaluate the steps and tactics they use to hit their targets for 2016. These three will help. 17 Feb 2016

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