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Risk & Audit executives work with CEB to build plans that drive results, benchmark and allocate resources, and minimize exposure to risk and fraud.

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Use Uber as a Chance to Change Your Company’s Culture
One of the technology start-ups to have utterly reshaped an industry in the past decade is now beset by problems. It's probably too good an opportunity for compliance professionals to pass up. Fri Aug 18 03:00:33 EDT 2017
New Regulation Calls for More Cross Functional Risk Management
As growing amounts of business regulation become law, companies require an updated framework for responding to the attendant risk. Three steps will help compliance managers stay on track. Wed Jul 26 03:00:04 EDT 2017
Data Privacy: How to Get Ready for the EU’s GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation comes into force next year, and applies to all companies that process the personal data of EU residents. The fines for non compliance are large, and many firms still have work to do. Wed Jul 12 03:00:54 EDT 2017

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