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Risk & Audit executives work with CEB to build plans that drive results, benchmark and allocate resources, and minimize exposure to risk and fraud.

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How to Improve Your Corporate Compliance Program
Compliance programs have grown substantially in the past decade but often separately from core business operations; to be used correctly they must be embedded into day-to-day workflows. Wed Dec 28 03:00:49 EST 2016
Infographic: The Need for a New Legal Operating Model
Like their colleagues elsewhere, legal teams are being asked to do their job more quickly at a time when many tasks take longer to complete. Time to work differently. Fri Dec 02 03:00:01 EST 2016
Could It Happen Here? Questions for all Companies in the Wake of Wells Fargo
No company is immune to the pressures that brought about the Wells Fargo scandal. Asking these questions of senior leaders will help companies understand whether it could happen to them. Fri Oct 07 03:00:12 EDT 2016

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