workplace utilization

Improve Productivity through Workspace Variety

Optimize the Workspace

Heads of CRE are contending with lower utilization of their workspaces as workforce shifts occur, which has called into question how the workspace fits employee needs. Forty-five percent of employees do not have access to the right workspace at the right time, costing the average organization US $15 million in un-utilized space.

Employees who report having the right space at the right time are more productive, more satisfied with their workspace, and actually use the workspace provided more.

Establish Your Organization's Workspace Identity

CRE heads have historically focused on only meeting employee execution needs in the workspace. They typically do this by changing the design of a space so that they increase the variety of space types to match the diversity of work activities.

Ensure Employees Understand Design Decisions

The better way forward is to meet employees’ execution and emotional needs. What’s more, the best way to give employees more of the right space at the right time and improve their execution needs is to increase the variety of ways employees use existing space.