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CEB's CRE360 Diagnostic

Quickly Resolve Areas of Strategic Misalignment With
Business Partners

CEB's CRE360 Diagnostic is a business partner engagement tool that provides insight into Corporate Real Estate’s overall impact on the organization. From customer insights to strategic imperatives, CRE360 enables senior executives and front-line managers to collect input from internal constituents and compare their priorities against those of Corporate Real Estate.

All participants receive customized reports and guidance from our Executive Advisors on how to address the highest-priority performance gaps.

In Practice: How eBay, Inc. Uses CEB's CRE360 Diagnostic

How It Works

CRE360 represents an end-to-end solution aimed at helping you quickly improve areas of strategic misalignment with your business partners and increase your group’s performance. The entire process can be completed in eight weeks.

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Weeks 1 - 3

Launch CRE360: CRE customers and stakeholders complete an easy online survey, requiring only 15 to 20 minutes.

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Weeks 4 - 6

Executive Summary: CEB prepares a management-ready executive memorandum covering top-line performance and highlighting critical opportunities.

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Weeks 7 - 8

CRE Team Session and Service Plan: CEB staff facilitate a session to review results in depth, discuss possible solutions, and create full service plan to address critical gaps.

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