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CEB's Procurement & Operations practice includes procurement, real estate and operations professionals from the world’s leading companies. We provide best practices, tools, and ideas from the world’s leading companies to improve functional performance, develop teams, drive innovation that unlocks new savings for the business, and transform the department into a more strategic function that delivers sustainable value over time.

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Procurement: How to Understand Business Partners’ Sourcing Discipline
Procurement's typical approach to improving sourcing discipline – to get involved earlier in the purchase process – rarely helps. Instead it should understand how disciplined business partners already are, and help those that need it. 09 Feb 2016
Procurement: Improve Sourcing Discipline By Helping Business Partners Do It Themselves
Business partners are better at sourcing products and services than procurement teams think. Rather than stepping into the sourcing process, Procurement should support managers' efforts. 01 Feb 2016
Real Estate: 3 Ways to Make Better Location Decisions
The best corporate real estate teams take a lot more into account than the cost of a location. 19 Jan 2016

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CEB helps us understand what is happening out there and how we can learn in order to improve the way we work."

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