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CEB's Procurement & Operations practice includes procurement, real estate and operations professionals from the world’s leading companies. We provide best practices, tools, and ideas from the world’s leading companies to improve functional performance, develop teams, drive innovation that unlocks new savings for the business, and transform the department into a more strategic function that delivers sustainable value over time.

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3 Steps Corporate Real Estate Teams Should Take Post-Brexit
Even though senior executives and line managers may not realize it, corporate real estate teams have a lot to add to Brexit discussions and planning sessions. Three steps will help get their voice heard. 22 Sep 2016
Corporate Procurement: Use Supplier Scorecards to Collect Business Partner Perspectives
Those closest to everyday business decisions can offer valuable intelligence about the vendors they work with, and supplier scorecards are a good way to gather this information. 19 Sep 2016
The 5 Stages of Real Estate Strategic Planning
As collaboration and employee productivity become ever more fundamental to corporate performance, real estate teams have an increasingly important role to play. Time to start planning for 2017. 01 Sep 2016

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