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CEB's Procurement & Operations practice includes procurement, real estate and operations professionals from the world’s leading companies. We provide best practices, tools, and ideas from the world’s leading companies to improve functional performance, develop teams, drive innovation that unlocks new savings for the business, and transform the department into a more strategic function that delivers sustainable value over time.

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Corporate Procurement: Spend Less Time on Process, More on Cost Analysis
While procurement teams earn their salary with the big 'top-tier' purchases, they should bring their experience and analytical rigor to lesser buys. Their business partners will thank them for it. Fri Feb 10 03:00:24 EST 2017
Real Estate: Encourage Employees to Experiment with the Space They Use
Being more flexible about how you encourage employees to use offices, meeting spaces, and all the other parts of a modern workplace can make them far more productive. Fri Dec 09 03:00:27 EST 2016
Corporate Procurement: 6 Steps to a Successful Strategic Plan
Among other things, a good strategic plan provides motivational clarity and direction for a function's employees and a way of showing the rest of the company how valuable the function is. Wed Dec 07 03:00:58 EST 2016

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