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CEB's Procurement & Operations practice includes procurement, real estate and operations professionals from the world’s leading companies. We provide best practices, tools, and ideas from the world’s leading companies to improve functional performance, develop teams, drive innovation that unlocks new savings for the business, and transform the department into a more strategic function that delivers sustainable value over time.

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Corporate Procurement: Time to Stop the Business Running Up Costs
Procurement teams have well honed techniques for negotiating with suppliers and minimizing costs, but it's far harder to manage your own colleagues and their dealings with vendors. Thu Aug 17 03:00:28 EDT 2017
Real Estate: Some Firms Going Cool on Hot Desking
Hot desking may help firms use space more efficiently and seem like a beguiling lifestyle choice for footloose workers, but it can make work less satisfying and, done badly, cost firms money. Fri Jul 14 03:00:06 EDT 2017
Corporate Procurement: Two Ways to Support Business Partners Who Make Their Own Purchases
Procurement teams are certainly not involved in every purchase at their company but it pays to provide some help. Two steps will make that help more palatable. Fri Jun 30 03:00:10 EDT 2017

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