Runner on a Starting Block

Replicating High-Performing
Marcomms Campaigns

As highlighted in a lead story in Harvard Business Review, branded content is not fulfilling its promise of breaking through the noise.

Marcomm campaigns have reached a breaking point as advertising costs soar - up 40% on average - while reach plummets. Brands are spending a lot more to get a lot less. As a result, concerned marketers are reviewing their advertising spend.

In fact, more spend is being questioned now than in the last three years combined.

Quiz: Will Your Marcomms Exceed Expectations?

Marketing leaders are testing new technologies and channels to catch consumers' attention. But all this comes at a price. Experimenting with new media is risky and expensive, and it can be hard to get consensus among internal stakeholders.  

We analyzed over 250 marcomm initiatives from around the world to see what sets the best campaigns apart. Take the short quiz to see if your campaigns contain the right elements to break through. Upon completion, you'll get our white paper, Replicating High-Performing Marcomms, to learn the key components to build winning campaigns.