Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Planning Toolkit

Successful Strategic Planning for Marketing

Don't Plan Your 2018 Marketing Strategy Without This Toolkit:

Four Tools in One Download

Tool 1. Marketing Strategy On A Page Template

This customizable one page template helps communicate a clear, concise, and measurable marketing strategy that clarifies the organization's current state, its future direction, and the path it will take.

Tool 2. Three Priorities for Advancing the Marketing Function

Based on the aggregate results from over 190 organizations who participated in the CEB Ignition™ Diagnostic for Marketing, we identified the most important activities for marketing leaders.

Tool 3. Checklist for Successful Strategic Planning

Ineffective strategic plans waste money, miss opportunities to inflect performance, and damage credibility. Use this checklist to jumpstart your strategic planning process.

Tool 4. Seven Attributes of Great Strategic Plans

This report explains seven places where strategic plans most often fail and the corrective action that should take place.