CEB Marketing Excellence Survey

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CEB research confirmed: Companies that have a talent strategy focused on foundational marketing capabilities experienced nearly 10% higher growth rates than their competitors.

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Changes in buying behavior mean marketers must play an increased role in engaging customers and consumers and need an expanded skill set to do that successfully. The CEB Marketing Excellence Survey allows you to gain an objective view of both individual and marketing wide performance gaps, both in traditional marketing skills, as well as emerging content marketing, demand generation, and digital marketing skills. Marketers receive targeted recommendations for Award-winning eLearning modules for a cost effective and efficient approach to up-skilling in these critical areas.

Benchmark your organization against a database of:

90,000 Marketers and Colleagues

100 Countries

250 Companies

Benefits of the CEB Marketing Excellence Survey

  • Save Time: Use assessment to target training, limiting time spent on non-applicable training courses.
  • Save Money: Avoid labor and infrastructure costs by adopting a cost-efficient e-learning model that is scalable to global audiences.
  • Measure ROI: Accurately evaluate training impact by re-assessing marketers after training.