The Digital Evolution
in B2B Marketing

Driving Marketing Performance with Multi-Channel
Content, Communications and Analytics

A story of humans over technology

The quest for perfectly integrated data and the next best thing in analytic tools is unending.

In their quest, most B2B marketing organizations are overlooking simpler, but still potent analytics that can be done with existing tools and data.

The missing ingredient? Savvy analytics talent with a nose for how marketing contributes to economic value creation.

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Most B2B marketers ought to re-examine their grand analytics ambitions. Instead of building all-singing, all-dancing attribution models, they should instead double down on more achievable analytics that provide directional, but more accessible guidance on what marketing activities to do differently.

See the common pitfalls of ambitious marketing analytics, learn how to mitigate their risks, and get guidance on deepening the analytic talent bench.

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