Effective Communication

Internal Communications

Melcrum, the leading source for insight in Internal Communications, is now part of CEB. With the addition of Melcrum’s expertise, best-in-class Black Belt training, Summit & Awards and member network, CEB now provides unparalleled expertise and support in both internal and Corporate Communications.

A company's communications effectiveness is the single most important driver of employee commitment. When information flows freely employees are more engaged and aware of organizational activities and management decisions that affect their jobs. Of course, improving internal communications effectiveness is easier said than done.

Many factors have converged to make effective internal communications harder than ever:

  • Employees have grown accustomed to personalized, on-demand content in their private lives, and they expect this standard to be met on the job as well.
  • Leaders struggle to communicate about where the company is going and how that will affect employees.
  • Managers don't communicate often or well enough with their teams.
  • The intranet is more of a "wild west" of unwieldy content than a tool to help employees get their jobs done.
  • Employee disengagement has doubled in the last two years, and reversing this trend will only get harder as the downturn continues.

Corporate Communications Support

We partner with communicators to solve both tactical and strategic communications challenges, and build individual skills and competencies through communications training.

Communications Strategy

CEB Communications Leadership Council is a membership for innovative communications executives who want to optimize the performance of their function and business.

Our research and insights are rooted in the challenges our members deem most important and span topics that impact your organization's day-to-day as well as longer-term strategic initiatives.

We use relationships and learnings from the best communications leaders to help you and your team save time and make better decisions.

CEB's member network includes more than 16,000 executives and the vast majority of top companies globally. Register your interest to find out how you can join them.

Internal Communications Black Belt Training

In martial arts, a black belt means mastery: strategic thinking is a cornerstone, and proven expertise is the outcome.

CEB Internal Communications Black BeltTM training is the world’s leading professional development program for internal communicators, with over 3,500 alumni worldwide. The program is highly interactive and designed to support you throughout your career, from craft expert to strategic communicator.

Most importantly, the Black Belt program is designed to inspire new ways of thinking and provide you with tools developed by the world's top companies to improve your IC team's performance.

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