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Closing Marketing's Digital Gap with Consumers

Breaking the Relevance/Scale Tradeoff


Faced with an "always on" marketplace where consumers are logged on and tuned in 24/7, brands are struggling to authentically participate in the conversation (especially with scale).

Most marketing leaders try to boost their teams' digital capabilities with fresh talent and new processes. While some have found flashes of success, they've typically been narrow in scope and required an all-hands-on-deck approach.

As noted in our blog post on Forbes' CMO Network, Marketing: The Corporate World's Least-Happy Function, this "always on" marketing environment is wearing down marketers, and it's not scalable. At least not the way most marketing teams are attacking it today.

The smartest brands are taking a different approach—and it's working. They are re-wiring their systems to focus efforts on sparking and steering conversation narratives that tie to the values the brand shares with their consumers.

Questions We'll Answer

Insights and best practice examples from our latest research, "Closing Marketing's Digital Gap with Consumers," will help you answer the questions:

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How can marketing break the compromise between relevance and scale?

Where do most digital marketing strategies fail?

How can you create digital connections between Marketing and customers?

How can you create Marketing's technology foundation?

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