Rounded Building

Changing Critical Perceptions

Communications Content that Influences Information-Saturated Audiences


Communicators have never faced more competition for attention and influence than they do today. With constant information streams—more sources delivering more messages on more platforms—audiences are overwhelmed with noise.

It can seem impossible to shape the perceptions that drive desired stakeholder behaviors critical to business success.

Although many are taking steps to break through, our research reveals these communicators are not positioning themselves to succeed, as nearly 80% of PR campaigns fail to change perceptions.

Changing people's perceptions is even more challenging than creating content that they will find interesting, credible, and authentic, and then prompting them to consume the information.

Breaking Through Is Not Enough

Download our white paper, "Changing Critical Perceptions," to learn more. We review three key findings from our latest research:

In order to change perceptions, you have to help stakeholders change their mental models.

Changing mental models requires overcoming two challenges.

Most PR content is unlikely to change perceptions.