Boat on Ice

Challenger™ Marketing

Based on CEB's books The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer

Without Commercial Insight, Your Thought Leadership is Doomed to Fail

B2B buyers are learning on their own and delaying their contact with suppliers until late in the purchase. Most B2B marketers are fighting back with thought leadership—but this simply won't work.

Marketing's New Role in B2B Buying

Most content fails to generate leads because it's based on thought leadership, not insight. Of all the content Marketers create in attempt to achieve thought leadership, only one type will produce commercial impact - Commercial Insight.


Don't Teach; Unteach

Marketers create too much mediocre content in the name of looking smart or being helpful. It doesn't move the commercial needle and only adds to the noise. Use commercial insight to change the conversation and build valuable consensus among purchase groups. 

Thought Leadership

Teaches customers something about what they could be doing in their business.

Content Focus: Benefits of alternate action.

Commercial Insight

Unteaches customers something they are currently doing in their business.

Content Focus: Costs of current behavior.