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Internal Communications Training

No matter what stage in your career you are, with CEB's Black Belt in Internal Communications training you will gain the knowledge and skills to improve your organization's Internal Communications and market advantage - as well as your own career success.

Through this world-leading professional development program for internal communicators, you'll learn how to deeply understand stakeholders' needs and what it takes to develop and execute a strategic communications plan. You'll master key concepts, tools and techniques that will help you build trusted relationships - and real, sustainable business results with smaller budgets. You will enhance your impact and influence - and that of your internal communications function.

Black Belt Courses

Professional, progressive development

From understanding the fundamentals of Internal Communications in Intro, building strategic value in Pro, mastering an agile approach in Pro Advanced, advising the business in Partner and directing your function in Leader, this professional development journey is an integrated and progressive one. Designed to be taken consecutively, each course in our four-part Black Belt program builds on the last in ways that help you get the most from your training and bring it to life in your business.

Real challenges, dynamic reflection

Our approach is far from abstract. It’s highly practical, interactive and grounded in business principles, our expertly sourced research, and real-world advice and examples. Your everyday challenges drive our program content, so we provide concrete solutions you can apply at work, not conceptual theory. And we continually benchmark and refine them with industry leaders, to keep pace with what makes a ground-breaking communicator.

What’s more, as part of our exclusive Black Belt Alumni Group, you will continue to network, push boundaries and power your professional development with graduates around the world.

Explore a richer learning experience and get the ultimate IC advantage – for you and your whole team. Learn about the individual Black Belt Programs »


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