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Corporate Communications: How to Find and Engage Influencers
The rise of social media has meant that the group of customers and commentators that can help or hurt a firm's brand has grown bigger and more diffuse; comms teams need to change their processes in response. Tue Jul 25 03:00:57 EDT 2017
More and More Corporate Comms Functions Merging Into Marketing
Communications and marketing teams are coordinating more and more. This brings many benefits, but is also skewing communications strategy towards an external focus. Fri Jul 21 03:00:56 EDT 2017
Corporate Communications: How to Engage Non-Wired Employees
Communicating to employees who have infrequent online access can be hard. Helping them understand their role in the company and finding new ways to get the message across will work wonders. Tue Jul 11 03:00:13 EDT 2017

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