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CEB's Marketing & Communications offerings deliver insights that upend conventional wisdom and change the way executives address long-standing and emerging business challenges. With our guidance, tools and training, marketing and communications leaders drive excellence in their organizations.

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Q&A with Amanda Lakin, Head of Brand Marketing at TUI
Digital marketing is now a huge part of any big company's marketing mix but it's also still relatively new. The travel group's senior marketer talks about how she keeps her team pushing the boundaries. Fri Apr 21 03:00:04 EDT 2017
Corporate Communications: Time to Update Your Intranet
Despite being one of the best ways to reach huge numbers of employees, company intranets rarely provide the information employees are looking for. Corporate communications teams will see big benefits from changing that. Wed Apr 05 03:00:21 EDT 2017
Market Insights: How to Make it Easier for the Line to Use Your Work
Decision making has never been harder or more complex. Market insights teams should just accept the fact that their stakeholders have less time to use their work, and help them make the most of it. Mon Apr 03 03:00:16 EDT 2017

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