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US Consumers Find New Ways to Permit Themselves Some Playtime
US consumers work harder than almost anyone else in the world and are now finding new ways to allow themselves some leisure time. Marketers will benefit from learning how to capitalize. Wed Jun 21 03:00:26 EDT 2017
3 Ways to Help Employees Communicate Better With Each Other
Changes to the work environment require employees to collaborate with more people and make sense of more information than ever to get their jobs done. Communication is vital part of the right response. Thu Jun 15 03:00:51 EDT 2017
Market Insights: Social Media Listening Requires a Strict Focus on Quality
Social media can provide a useful insight into customers' views, but market insights teams will tire themselves out if they don't find a way to focus only on the right information. Thu Jun 08 03:00:43 EDT 2017

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