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The Data Overload

The volume of data available to HR has increased exponentially over the past 30 years, overwhelming organizations with a wide variety of possible metrics to track and report.

Most organizations are not yet realizing value from their talent analytics investments, the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in talent data. Only 8% of senior HR leaders believe they are getting returns and just 15% of business leaders have changed a decision in the past year as a result of HR data.

There’s a lot of data out there — but not a lot of information.

Vice President HR
Mining Company

Five Stages of
HR Analytics Maturity

HR teams are keen to improve their analytics ability and to become more “mature” in the discipline. CEB data show that, on average, teams want to increase their analytics maturity by 2.5 levels within the next three years, moving from being at an average of level 2 in 2015 to 4+ by 2018.

Independent of the type of analysis we do, our most successful analytics work is when we hit on a challenge aligned with the current business priorities.

VP, Head of Talent Analytics
Manufacturing Company

Transform Business
with Talent Analytics

Leading organizations focus on improving the business application of talent analytics, rather than just investing in upgrading technology or hiring more skilled analysts.

Improving Analytic Impact—the extent to which talent analytics improves decisions and provides actionable support to key stakeholders—yields to up to 23% higher talent outcomes (including bench strength, employee performance, and quality of hire) and can improve gross profit margins by 4%.

Get Talent Analytics Ready

Leading HR executives make four types of investments to increase talent analytics’ benefits to HR and the business. They build analytics processes:

  • Strategy:  Align the vision of talent analytics with internal clients’ needs.
  • Execution:  Source and put in place innovative ideas on how to use analytics to solve critical business challenges.

They also build analytics capabilities:

  • Skills:  Develop analytics application skills throughout HR, as well as technological capacity.
  • Infrastructure:  Build effective relationships with HR partners, business leaders, and vendors.

Our endeavor to measure the ROI of investments and sharpen HR's opportunity to drive business value was a reason for investment in talent analytics.

Subhankar Roy Chowdhury
Executive Director for Global HR Strategy, M&A, and Analytics

The Product

Sunstone Analytics

CEB Sunstone Analytics offers résumé-based predictive analytics to provide HR and business leaders with company-specific recruiting insights and superior selection decision criteria. Our résumé analytics technology quickly identifies top candidates based on key features associated with high performers within a specific company and role. As a result, time-to-hire drops, quality of hire rises, and candidates perform better, with lower attrition.

CEB TalentNeuron™

Make smarter talent planning and recruiting decisions using comprehensive global talent demand and supply data, predictive analytics and insights into real-time job market, location, and competitive intelligence.

  • Over 2 billion job descriptions covering talent demand
  • Coverage across 2,400+ key cities in 175+ countries
  • Competitor talent pool data from more than 250,000 companies
  • On-call team data scientists for situation-specific insights and executive-ready presentations
  • Customizable and real-time reports

That Matter™

Corporations spend an estimated $145 billion annually on training. Yet fewer than half those investments result in tangible returns, despite the fact that 84% of learners find their L&D solutions satisfying.

With Metrics That Matter™, drive faster payback and higher ROI from learning investments, and accelerate the L&D function’s measurement capability and impact while also reducing cost.

CEB HR Analytics
Leadership Academy

HR teams are under pressure: senior business leaders want more analytics support when making key decisions, yet less than 18% of business leaders trust the talent data and insights coming out of HR. Even worse, 80% of those leaders do not believe their HR staff have the skills to improve their analytic capabilities.

CEB HR Analytics Leadership Academy develops HR teams' skills beyond mere reporting, toward interpreting data and providing actionable guidance to the business.

CEB Talent

Use assessment data to gain a strategic view of your people and processes, and benchmark against competitors. Answer questions such as:

  • How does my quality of hire compare to my competitors?
  • Are my managerial and professional hires future leaders of my business?
  • Do I have the right talent on board to deliver strategic change?

Gathered over 35 years, CEB data offers a clear view of top talent across industries and geographies, by business function and job level.

CEB Corporate
Leadership Council

Innovative CHROs use CEB Corporate Leadership Council™ to optimize the performance of their HR function and business. Our research and insights address the longer-term strategic initiatives as well as the day-to-day challenges of HR leaders and their teams. Areas of support include improving the business application of talent analytics, managing HR transformations, and improving overall HR-business alignment.

Case Studies

To manage huge volumes of talent data scattered across the business, Gap developed an enterprise-wide analytics prioritization strategy based on three key principles.

Telefonica Europe has refocused the role of the HR analytics function toward inspiring, influencing, and shaping business decisions.

Rather than attempting to provide direct answers to complex talent decisions that require business judgment, Seagate’s HR team helps decision makers arrive at their own conclusions.

Meet the Experts

Meet the team behind our Talent Analytics insights and tools.

Jean Martin

Talent Solutions Architect

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Brian Kropp

Practice Leader, Human Resources Practice

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Nick Shaw

Managing Director, Talent Assessment, UK & Ireland

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Success Stories

Time Warner Cable

TWC wanted to understand how it compared to other organisations in attracting talent and use this benchmark towards building a strong employer brand.

Stolt Tankers

When launching its HR Business Partner program, Stolt Tankers turned to CEB to train their new teams in business analytics skills.

Decision Making Tools


From Workforce Reporting to Impactful Talent Analytics

Why some investments in HR data and analytics sophistication fail, and what to do about it.


Transforming HR’s Impact
on the Business

The best ways to overcome the three key challenges that HR faces in improving analytic impact.


Use Talent Analytics to Hire Hyper-Specialized Talent

Understand the labor market, including supply / demand of skills, location, competition, and cost data, to make better decisions.

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