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Performance Management
Is Not Performing

For years, companies have attempted to address disappointing performance results by reinventing their performance management system, only to achieve disappointing results again and again. This cycle has caused performance management to become increasingly bureaucratic and viewed as burdensome, costly, and low value by employees and managers. However, the behaviors that performance management intends to achieve remain important drivers of development, engagement, and performance.

Focus on Performance Behaviors Every Day

The Cost of Failed
Performance Management

Failed performance management systems demotivate employees, costing organizations millions of dollars annually in lost employee productivity costs which, consequently, hurts overall corporate performance.

Calculate how much ineffective performance management approaches cost you.

Performance Management:
A New Approach

Formal performance management approaches are often burdensome and administrative. The best companies
are shifting away from these rigid performance management systems toward a more flexible approach that reinforces
critical behaviors that matter every day and aligns individual
work with organizational objectives.

Effective performance management provides meaningful,
real-time feedback, ensures employees have clear
expectations, and coaches them to achieve their maximum performance levels.

We eliminated ratings so that managers could improve performance conversations and spend more time on how employees performed and what they can do to develop, instead of on defending the ratings.

Technology Company

Performance Management
That Motivates

Employees are less satisfied with performance reviews than ever. Even high performers find them unhelpful and uninspiring. Learn what 3 shifts companies must make to significantly improve performance management.

[CEB provided] a model and best practices around how to do a calibration session. Our HR team has used that in their facilitation and strategically advising around those performance management processes.

Jonathan Turner
Former Director
Global Talent Management | B/E Aerospace, Inc

Real Impact of Eliminating
Performance Ratings

Managers expect removing ratings to improve employee performance, and companies have received some positive feedback from employees after eliminating performance ratings. However, the initial positive reaction tends to fade after the first performance review cycle.

The Product

CEB Performance
Impact Solutions

CEB Performance Impact Solutions helps companies experience the full potential of their performance management system. We partner with you to:

  • Design a strategy to better align with your organizational goals,
  • Provide the tools and training to teach and motivate your team, and
  • Reinforce behavior change through an intuitive, cloud-based tool that facilitates on-the-job experiential learning.

As a result, you'll see better performance, faster skill development, and higher engagement.

The information and learning that we've received from CEB [has enabled us] to really do our own performance management system that we feel will work best for our organization.

Robert Nichols
Senior Director, Human Resources
SRP: Salt River Project

Develop Your Strategy

Assess your current management system, and design an alternative strategy to drive organizational goals and performance. In a matter of months, your organization can realize a new performance management approach that saves millions of dollars in reduced time spent on low-return activities while increasing line satisfaction and improving business results.

Execute Your Strategy

Increase the likelihood of success through a proven combination of capability development, change management, and communications. We can help you fulfill the promise of your new performance management approach and avoid stalled implementations.


Drive Behavior Change

Motivate, plan, and embed meaningful behavior change in the areas that matter most for your organization. Our behavior change program provides a streamlined and intuitive framework that offers step-by-step guidance to practice the behaviors that support the performance management approach.

Learning with
CEB Development Coach

Formal, classroom-based training accounts for 73% of the billions of dollars invested in training annually, but incorporating on-the-job learning can be more effective.

  • 70% of learning comes from experience.
  • On-the-job learning has 3x the effect of formal training alone.
  • Only 21% of employees expect development to happen only in the classroom.

The best companies use experiential learning to deepen the impact of training. To do so, they enable employees to engage in effective learning habits: practice, reflection, and feedback.

This is the first time we've done very focused training on a continuous basis on performance management, reaching not only managers but staff at all levels across the organization.

Mavee Park
Program Manager
The World Bank

Meet the Experts

Meet the team behind our performance management expertise.

Jean Martin

Talent Solutions Architect

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Brian Kropp

Practice Leader, Human Resources Practice

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Elaine Pulakos

Group Leader, Talent Management Products and President of PDRI, a CEB Company

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Real Impact of Eliminating Performance Ratings

Companies expect that removing ratings will improve employee performance, but our data reveals otherwise.

White Paper

Performance Management
Can Be Fixed

Increase performance management satisfaction and results with our five-step reform process.

White Paper

Put “Performance” Back into Performance Management

Improve performance management by tightly linking performance management processes and organizational objectives.

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