Learning Measurement

Prove — and Improve — L&D Effectiveness

Are You Wasting Your
Learning Investments?

86% of business leaders think employee development is
critical for driving business outcomes. So, it is no surprise
that companies spend an average of US$1,200 per employee
on training each year. But the value of this investment is
under scrutiny. Just 34% of business leaders think that
Learning & Development (L&D) impacts business outcomes.
Worse, as employees seek alternative sources of learning,
nearly two-thirds of L&D spend now goes on redundant or
low-quality learning programs.

As a team, we have to ensure that learning throughout the organization is meaningful, relevant, and meeting the business’ needs. ”

Jennifer Macadlo
Director of Talent and Learning Development,
Nielsen Holdings PLC

L&D Under Pressure
To Prove Its Value

As costs and workplace complexity increase, leaders expect all business units to demonstrate their contribution to the bottom line—and L&D is no different. Business leaders demand more and better information showing how L&D programs drive business impact.

L&D knows its investments are critical to organizational success, but without a quick and easy way to collect, synthesize, and share information, business leaders remain uninformed.

Make Your Learning
Investments Count

The best L&D functions deploy data management, analytics and reporting capabilities to:

  1. Measure the effectiveness of, and ROI on, all learning programs 
  2. Adjust L&D programs and optimize L&D investments
  3. Communicate business impact to stakeholders 

By precisely assessing and reallocating programs in their learning portfolio, these L&D teams not only elevate their impact but also secure the credibility of the function as a key contributor to the business.