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New Work Environment:
New Skills Required

Widespread changes in the organizational environment have led to fundamental changes in how work gets done. Focusing on individual task performance alone is insufficient. Today, employees must also exhibit network performance, which represents how they impact their organization beyond their individual contribution.

These changes have significant implications for talent development. As work becomes more complex and judgment-dependent, many organizations are investing in talent development to build the new skills required to drive individual and organizational performance.

Following our rapid growth, we needed a more consistent way of working across the different subsidiaries and geographies.”

Lousie Johansen
Training & Talent Development Business Partner
CIBT UK Limited

Training is Failing

However, not all training is effective. Traditional classroom development or e-learning solutions are not transforming talent as quickly as the business requires. In fact, half of all learning is considered "scrap learning" and does not provide meaningful long-term impact.

External training is often so standardized that it cannot be tailored to an organization's specific needs; internal training often fails to account for variations across functions. And many professional development programs fail to consider the application, sustainability, and measurement of learning outcomes.

Professional Development
With Lasting Impact

Successful training programs deliver measurable impact on participants' current and future roles. To improve individual and organizational performance, professional development programs must develop the specific employee skills that support business priorities. Leadership and professional development programs must:

  • Focus on the right competencies to solve real-world challenges
  • Design learning for functionally specific roles
  • Tailor solutions to specific organizational needs
  • Include application and sustainability activities
  • Measure and validate the impact of learning

“Our portfolio is 3 to 5 times more valuable than it was just two years ago. That can be attributed to the fact that we have better leaders in position.”

Brian Lawrence,
Chief Technology Office,
Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc

The Product

Use our powerful suite of services to support development of leaders across your organization.

CEB Leadership Academies

Fueled by research and best practice insights from leading executives, our Leadership Academies equip talent with the core competencies required for success. 

Since 2007 the Leadership Academies have trained over 32,500 employees from 2,500 companies and 55 countries world-wide. 

Role-Specific Training

CEB offers Leadership Academies tailored to developing the specific skills required by a range of roles and functions:

CEB Metrics That Matter™

L&D teams apply Metrics That Matter™ technology to ensure they make the best learning investments by:

  • Capturing specific analytics in an automated and scalable way to gain insights and manage the learning curriculum
  • Increasing focus on real-time decision making for continuous improvement
  • Decreasing time and effort spent on admininistrative processes
  • Serving as a strategic partner to business leaders by effectively communicating and demonstrating the impact of L&D

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Case Studies

Lockheed Martin partnered with CEB Finance Leadership Academy to build the key business acumen and stakeholder engagement skills needed to transform their entire Finance department.

Microsoft and CEB Leadership Academies developed an intensive 3–day session for HR Business Partners, focused on skills and techniques for obtaining stakeholder commitment.

Hill-Rom engaged R&D Leadership Academy to develop a pipeline of future R&D leaders with the strategic partnering capabilities necessary to drive continued organic growth.

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46% of new-to-role business leaders underperform during their transition.

Future leaders will be brought into firms for short periods to do specialist tasks.

“Using CEB Leadership Academies has enabled us to continue to develop the Finance and Business Operations pipeline of leaders.”

Kathy Kerchner,
VP Finance & Business Operations, Enterprise Business Services,
Lockheed Martin