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Thomas Handcock

Thomas Handcock

HR Practice Leader

Thomas Handcock, HR practice leader at CEB, works with learning and leadership development leaders as they adapt to changes in the learning landscape. The changing nature of work, an increase in the complexity of skill-building needs and demand from employees for more “just-in-time” learning are creating a set of critical challenges (and opportunities) for learning leaders.

While the availability of information continues to increase and learning technologies are rapidly advancing, Thomas cautions that L&D leaders must not rush to technological solutions and lose sight of the fundamentals of good learning. He knows that the most important conversation is not about which new platform to use; instead it’s about how to apply the best learning design principles to achieve performance outcomes. Decisions about technologies and platforms should be made based on how they support those principles.

Thomas has always had a passion for understanding the dynamics that shape people, organizations and society. He loves his work because it allows him to explore how learning can drive employee and organizational success. He’s also glad that he has the chance to spend a large portion of his time discussing that very topic with CEB’s global network of experts and practitioners.

Thomas holds Bachelor of Sociology and Human Resource Management degree from the University of Bath and a graduate degree in social research methods from Trinity College Dublin. He is based in CEB’s London office, but frequent business travel gives him some time to indulge his passion for reading. When he is at home, he loves to spend time outside with his wife and young son, and train for his next obstacle course race.