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Are You Losing Talent
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Organizations face a double-edged talent recruitment and retention challenge. First, labor market data shows that, for the first time since 2006, employees are no longer in a holding pattern and are actively looking to leave their employer. Second, employers have to pay 21% more in compensation to lure candidates who feel that organization's employee value proposition (EVP) is unattractive, versus an 11% premium for organizations with a strong EVP.

Many EVPs

An effective EVP facilitates recruiting and builds employee retention. Companies are under pressure to optimize their EVP, yet many employers find their EVPs are ineffective or difficult to maintain because they:

  • Comprise the wrong attributes: Organizations invest in less important EVP attributes.
  • Do not differentiate from competitors: The labor market perceives minimal variation in the EVPs of companies with similar offerings.
  • Fail to deliver: A mismatch between the EVP's promise and reality significantly reduces employee commitment.

What is the Employee
Value Proposition?

The EVP is how the labor market and employees perceive the value they gain by working in an organization. The EVP comprises five attributes:

  1. Rewards: Includes compensation, health and retirement benefits, and vacation
  2. Work: Includes job-interest alignment and work-life balance 
  3. Organization: Includes market position, product/service quality, and social responsibility
  4. Opportunity: Includes career opportunities, development opportunities, and organization growth rate
  5. People: Includes manager quality, coworker quality, senior leadership reputation, and camaraderie

EVP vs
Employment Branding

Employee Value Proposition is often confused with employment branding, and they are closely related concepts. EVP represents what an organization promises to employees as the value of working there (e.g. rewards, opportunity or people), while Employment Branding is the perception that the future workforce has about an organization as an employer.

Typically, responsibility for EVP and employment branding lies with different teams. EVP is led by HR, while Recruiting manages employment branding work.

EVP Approach

Organizations that present an authentic, differentiated EVP can better retain current employees and become an employer of choice in the labor market. Best-in-class companies employ a four-step process to optimize their EVP through:

  1. Research: Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of perceptions and priorities. 
  2. Design: Build a compelling, credible EVP that showcases and differentiates company strengths.
  3. Implement: Deploy the EVP by identifying improvement opportunities and promoting the EVP.
  4. Measure: Set up mechanisms to track impact of EVP improvements

The Benefits of
A Strong EVP

Companies that invest in developing and delivering a strong employment value propositions can secure significant talent attraction and employee engagement benefits:

When job candidates view an EVP as attractive, the organization can:

  • Reduce the compensation premium needed to hire these employees by 50%
  • Reach 50% deeper into the labor market to attract passive candidates 

Organizations that effectively deliver on their EVP can:

  • Decrease annual employee turnover by 69% 
  • Increase new hire commitment by 29%

The Product

Workforce Surveys
& Analytics

Understand your EVP in the words of your employees and potential candidates via:

  • Executive interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to understand external and internal perspectives and learn their talent priorities from a strategic perspective
  • Qualitative focus groups that enrich the firm’s understanding of employee values and perceptions
  • Branding and marketing support, including optimal and differentiated messaging

CEB Corporate
Leadership Council™

Innovative heads of HR use CEB Corporate Leadership Council™ to optimize the performance of their HR function and business. Our research and insights address HR leaders' day-to-day challenges as well as longer-term strategic initiatives, including employee attrition analysis (Departure View), employee value proposition design, employee engagement, leadership transformation, succession strategies, and overall HR-business alignment.

With CEB's Departure View, we get more candid and honest feedback from departing employees than if we were conducting exit interviews in house.

Kristen Husby
Vice President HR and Organizational Effectiveness

The EVP Survey

Employers find their EVPs to be ineffective or difficult to maintain because they are composed of the wrong attributes or not differentiated from the competition. Others are unable to deliver on the EVP. CEB's EVP survey is a custom-designed diagnostic that helps organizations optimize their EVP based on employee preferences and competitive strengths. The EVP Survey is available to the customers of CEB Corporate Leadership Council™

Our CEB membership directly informed how we defined and articulated our new global EVP.

Phil Hodges
Director of Corporate Staffing

Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts behind our Employee Value Proposition expertise.

Jean Martin

Talent Solutions Architect

Read Biography

Brian Kropp

Practice Leader,
Human Resources Practice

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Aaron McEwan

Advisory Leader,
Human Resources Practice

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Success Stories

Andy Brown
Human Resources Director

Genea supplements its lean HR team with CEB resources to deliver key initiatives, including its employee value proposition.

Dave Thomas
Vice President, Corporate R&D

Bose used CEB insights to realize the importance of communicating their employee value proposition in order to attract new talent.

Decision Making Tools


EVP Design Presentation

This customizable presentation template with speaker notes helps you summarize and present your EVP design to internal stakeholders.


Preparing Your EVP

Key trends impacting the EVP, and how to get ahead of them with three strategies for attracting and retaining talent.


Segmented EVP Generator

This tool guides you in selecting segments of your workforce, and customizing your core EVP across those segments.

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