The Effortless Experience™

The Key to Customer Loyalty

Don’t Exceed Expectations
Make It Easy

When it comes to service, companies create loyal customers by helping them solve their problems. However, customer service interactions are nearly four times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty.

Many companies try to drive customer loyalty by delighting them—exceeding customer expectations with above-and-beyond service. Yet this strategy is difficult and costly to deliver; worse, it fails to deliver a proportionate increase in loyalty.

5 Reasons Consumers
Dislike Customer Service

Consumers don't like talking to customer service representatives—they prefer to find solutions to their problem themselves. Here are the top five reasons consumers don't want to talk to your customer service team.

Is Your Customer Service
Hurting Your Brand?

Over 28 million people may see or hear bad things about your company in a year. Check out Customer Service's impact on your service strategy.

The Effortless ExperienceTM

The New Battleground
for Customer Loyalty

Instead of struggling to delight customers, companies should create low-effort service experiences that help their customers solve problems quickly and easily. Our research shows this is the most successful way to build customer loyalty.  
Customer effort is an excellent indicator of customer intent to repurchase and increase spend.
To reduce customer effort, leading organizations reframe service strategies by:

  • Measuring customer effort,
  • Identifying issues and prioritizing customer service investments,
  • Creating a low-effort environment, and
  • Managing self-service and multichannel service.

What's brilliant is the observation that we can easily make things worse for customers. Here is implementable guidance to avoid those pitfalls.

Richard Joyce
Operations Director
Home Retail Group Customer Services

What Is Customer Effort?

Customer effort is not just about what a customer has to do, but also he or she feels about an interaction. In fact, 65% of effort comes from how the service rep made the customer feel. Companies must focus on hiring, developing, and reinforcing low-effort skills of service reps so they can actively guide customers and preempt their needs during service interactions. By assessing and measuring customer effort, companies can maintain low-effort service delivery.

The Low-Effort Path

CEB helps customer service organizations drive customer loyalty by supporting their adoption of the low-effort path. See how this proven method improves your customer service experiences while reducing disloyalty and lowering costs.

The customer effort approach is the first really novel idea that I've implemented in a long time. It drives results that we just couldn't achieve via other means.

Dan Rourke
Director of Software Support
HomeAway, Inc.

The Product

CEB Effortless Experience™
Selection Assessment

Predict the low-effort service potential of contact center candidates with scientifically validated selection assessments.

CEB Effortless Experience™
Capabilities Builder

Help service reps develop skills that are proven in behavioral economics to reduce customer effort.

  • Teach different-in-kind skills that are grounded in research and proven to reduce customer effort.
  • Establish a sustainable learning path.

CEB Effortless Experience™

Identify where customers expend the most effort within the service experience, and target improvements in the areas that will have the greatest impact on loyalty.

CEB Effortless Experience™
Coaching Capabilities Builder

Improve supervisor effectiveness at coaching to behaviors that increase performance and engagement.

  • Focus on diagnosing and correcting root-cause behaviors.
  • Tailor messages to each individual, delivered in the moment.

Customer Service
Reps Who Provide

Low-Effort Service

Our research shows there are seven distinct customer service rep profiles. One type is better at naturally providing low-effort customer service. Find out what makes these seven profiles different, and which one wins at providing low-effort service.

Meet the Experts

Meet the team behind The Effortless Experience™.


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Group Leader, CEB's Financial Services Practice


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Practice Leader, CEB's Sales & Service Practice


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Principal Executive Advisor, CEB's Marketing & Communications Practice


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Case Studies

CEB’s research, webinars, and training gave us a framework for coaching that helped us improve customer effort scores and average handle time.

Mitch Wilson
Director of Contact Center Operations
Harland Clarke Corp

Decision-Making Resources


Blueprint for Building a Low-Effort Service Organization

This page outlines the most valuable actions a service organization can take on behalf of its customers and company to reduce customer effort.

Mapping Tool

Mapping Tool

Identify the channels where your customers are expending the greatest effort (e.g., web, IVR, phone) and which channel offers the greatest opportunity to reduce customer effort.

Starter Kit

Customer Effort Score 2.0 Starter Kit

Implement the best metric for measuring customer loyalty with key implementation tips and benchmarking data to compare your organization’s performance.

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