Uncover and Reduce
Business Misconduct

Failure to
Report Misconduct

Your misconduct mitigation may not be as effective as you think. In today's organizations, 59% of observed misconduct is never reported by employees. Even more alarming is that only 14% of potential misconduct information will make its way to the compliance department.

“Culture must last beyond individual leadership changes and be a part of how we conduct business.”

Robert Miromonti, VP
Ethics & Compliance,
Centene Corporation

High Cost of
Unreported Misconduct

Misconduct is happening, much of it goes unreported, and it is too costly to ignore:

  • $11.5M for a single FCPA violation
  • $3.4M for a single data privacy breach
  • 5% of annual revenue for a single instance of fraud 

Hotlines and policies are clearly not working. So why don't employees take their reporting responsibility more seriously? There are two primary reasons: Fear of retaliation and inaction by the company.

Focus on a Strong Culture

Organizations with stronger ethical cultures see fewer instances of misconduct and higher reporting rates. The best companies take the following actions to build a culture of integrity:

  • Conduct a stand-alone cultural assessment to determine where perceptions of culture vary at a company
  • Create escalation criteria to expand employee awareness of what constitutes misconduct and increases reporting rates
  • Ensure the managers understand the business case for demonstrating ethical behaviors in their daily work and are prepared to respond to employees’ concerns and reports of misconduct

The Product

Use our services to pinpoint misconduct and positively impact business performance at your organization.

CEB RiskClarity: A Corporate Integrity Service™

This web-based risk assessment service promotes comfort speaking up and creates channels for enforcement to help improve the integrity of your corporate culture. CEB RiskClarity is not your typical employee survey. It helps organizations:

  • Target specific areas of employee risk quickly 
  • Perform an enterprise-wide cultural assessment 
  • Uncover root causes of employee misconduct and manage them proactively

CEB Compliance & Ethics
Leadership Council

Innovative compliance leaders work with us to optimize the performance of their compliance and ethics function and business. Our research and insights are rooted in the challenges our members deem most important. Topics covered range from your organization’s day-to-day, as well as longer-term strategic initiatives:

  • Compliance Program Management
  • Culture of Compliance and Ethics
  • Compliance Training and Communication
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Compliance Policies and Procedures

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Brian Lee

Legal, Compliance, and Data Privacy Product Leader

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Decision Making Resources


How Corporate Culture Affects the Enterprise

See how strong cultures of integrity drive employee behaviors and misconduct reporting rates.

Key Findings

Global Trends in Misconduct

Misconduct trends around the globe helping assess local compliance
risks and develop improvement


Reduce Risk by Encouraging Communication

Learn how addressing the root causes of poor communication can turn risk ino a competitive advantage.

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To protect their organizations, privacy leaders should tailor their risk management strategies to the unique characteristics of each employee group.

Culture is what you see your supervisor or peers say and do regularly, and culture is the best way to drive change in workers’ privacy behaviors.

Directors need to understand the extent to which their compliance functions have the processes, tools, and resources to drive and measure a culture of integrity.

“CEB has helped my risk management function to foster a more risk aware culture.”

Bernard Fourie
Director Internal Control and Risk
Ferring Pharmaceuticals