New IT Operating Model

Key Features of the IT Operating Model for the Digital Enterprise

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1. Products Over

Priorities and budgets are set for business capabilities and products, not projects.

Rethink How to Organize IT »

2. Adaptive Business Engagement

Business engagement approach flexes based on business context.

Improve How You Engage Business »

3. Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery

Integrated delivery, engineering and support boost responsiveness and output.

Enable Continuous Delivery at Scale »

4. Customer-Centric

Customer journey mapping is used to guide design.

Think End to End »

5. Applications Building Blocks

APIs, platforms, data, and reusable services reduce effort and accelerate delivery.

Modularize to Expedite »

6. Cloud-Based Scalable Infrastructure

IT automation and cloud platforms cuts time to scale.

Build a Smart Enterprise Cloud Strategy »

7. Strategy Over

Central groups refocus on facilitating strategy, innovation, change and enterprise data.

Change Governance Mindset »

8. Data Strategy Over Ownership

Coherent strategy and guidelines around data allow for rapid exploitation by distributed teams.

Start with These Four Steps »

9. Adaptive Skills
and Mindset

Staff become technically versatile, collaborative, and open to innovation.

Cultivate a New Breed of IT Talent »

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IT Operating Model for Digital

Learn nine features of the new operating model that will position IT teams for digital success.


IT Operating Model for Digital Poster

Understand the specific activities required to adopt the New IT Operating Model for Digital.

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