Corporate Agility in The Digitization Age

Accelerate Technology Delivery
to Drive Enterprise Digitization

An Unmet Need for

Corporate speed and agility are essential to business success. More than 70% of organizations report that the rate of change has increased—and is accelerating.  The pace of change driven by digitization will only increase as new generations of fast moving competitors emerge and customers come to expect ever more rapid updates to products and services enabled by technology. Yet despite this need for corporate agility to support digital opportunities, business leaders say their organizations cannot keep pace.

The Digital Opportunity

Barriers to
Digital Success

Technology adoption is not the biggest barrier to digital success, rather, it's an inability to change enterprise level activities.  Enterprise changes, such as business skills, incentives and operating models, have 15 times more impact on the likelihood of success in digitization than changes in digital technologies. CIOs have an opportunity to be the digital change agent for their organization.

Transform the IT Operating Model

Progressive IT leaders are changing these nine features of the operating model to position IT teams for digital success:

1. Organize IT on products over projects
2. Adapt how IT engages business
3. Run agile and DevOps at scale
4. Focus on customer-centric design
5. Applications building blocks
6. Smart cloud strategy at scale
7. Strategy over governance
8. Data strategy over ownership
9. Build adaptive skills and mindset

The Product

Team Solutions Plus

We empower you and your team to succeed on your key initiatives and projects. All Team Solutions Plus products, available at multiple levels, offer shared access to targeted research and insights, expert research advisors and practitioner perspectives in order to:

  • Make more informed decisions 
  • Work more efficiently as a team
  • Drive better business results faster

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Accelerating Corporate Clock Speed

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IT Operating Model for Digital

Learn nine features of the new operating model that will position IT teams for digital success.


IT Operating Model for Digital Poster

Understand the specific activities required to adopt the New IT Operating Model for Digital.

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