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In Search of Compliance
Program Effectiveness

An effective compliance and ethics program is a basic expectation of modern organizations. Compliance programs striving for effectiveness have focused on building their foundations (e.g., policies, training) and expanding their coverage and activity set.

While most companies have made progress this way, it typically requires employees to step outside their workflows and pass through numerous processes and approvals to satisfy compliance controls. These "bolt-on" compliance activities create burden for the business, confusion for stakeholders and—perhaps most importantly—are easier for employees to avoid.

Anti-bribery and corruption is becoming a more difficult area of risk for companies to handle in order to be successful in a global environment.

Sonny Cave
EVP, General Counsel, Chief Risk and Compliance & Ethics Officer
ON Semiconductor Corporation

Compliance Stakeholders
Need a New Approach

This "bolt-on" approach is unsustainable—and an urgent problem to solve—as key stakeholders' demands evolve:

  • Regulators: Integrate compliance more into organization's operations
  • Boards: Coordinate reporting and risk narratives with other assurance functions
  • Business leaders: Streamline processes and demonstrate ROI
  • Employees: Reduce the effort burden of compliance 

At the same time, cost pressures on Compliance are growing. To do more with less, Compliance leaders must develop a clear action plan to identify and execute on the trade-offs required to best support program goals.

Put Compliance Process
In Business Process

Leading compliance and ethics programs reduce business drag and increase program impact by building compliance directly into the operations of the business. This means becoming a part of employees' standard workflow, rather than functioning as a separate process tacked onto employee processes and systems.

To achieve this, compliance leaders must change their programs in three ways:

  1. Design compliance to be part of business workflow 
  2. Coordinate compliance and related assurance activities
  3. Assess how well compliance is built in to the business

Every piece of your program needs to be tied to the actual operation… into the daily life of the corporation.

Hui Chen
Compliance Counsel
US Department of Justice

Effective Compliance:
Collaboration is Key

Before launching program enhancement initiatives, Compliance must first understand functional partners’ activities and use that knowledge to identify areas for closer cooperation. Collaboration at this level will increase program activities’ impact and efficiency while reducing unnecessary burden on employees.

To enable meaningful collaboration, compliance executives should ask functional partners a set of key questions to create visibility and assess feasibility.

The Product

CEB Ignition™ Diagnostic
for Compliance & Ethics

CEB Ignition™ Diagnostic for Compliance & Ethics assesses your compliance program's functional performance against a structured framework. Results provide guidance on immediate action steps and establish a roadmap you can use to mature the function. This diagnostic helps you:

  • Understand how well your function is performing currently
  • Support short-term and long-term planning by clearly identifying next steps and associated resources
  • Align strategy and resources with market opportunities and business needs

CEB Compliance & Ethics
Leadership Council

Innovative compliance leaders use CEB Compliance & Ethics Leadership Council to optimize the performance of their compliance and ethics function -- and their business. Our research and insights are rooted in the challenges our members deem most important, spanning day-to-day as well as longer-term strategic topics such as:

  • Compliance Program Management
  • Culture of Compliance and Ethics
  • Compliance Training and Communication
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Compliance Policies and Procedures

Meet Our Expert

Meet the expert behind our Compliance insights.

Brian Lee

Legal, Compliance, and Data Privacy Practice Leader

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Success Stories

Martin Reinecke
Vice President Corporate Risk and Assurance
ASML Holding N.V.

ASML had to set up their compliance program from scratch. Using CEB’s resources, ASML was able to create the blueprint for the function within 2 days.

Sonny Cave
EVP, General Counsel, Chief Risk and Compliance & Ethics Officer
ON Semiconductor

CEB helped ON Semiconductor develop a best-in-class approach to their compliance program, anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies.

Jackie Baratian
Chief Compliance Officer
Maxim Healthcare Services

Maxim rolled out an innovative program to build a relationship between new hires and their compliance team.

Decision Making Tools

Sample Report

CEB Ignition™ Diagnostic for Compliance

Discover the path to compliance and ethics program maturity. Benchmark Compliance program performance and prioritize areas for improvement.

Key Findings Preview

State of the Compliance Function

Use these key benchmarks on Compliance department staffing, spending, and activities to defend your budget and align your strategy to business outcomes.

Toolkit - Preview

Building & Sustaining a Compliance and Ethics Liaison Program

Most compliance and ethics programs face full-time staffing constraints, and can benefit from deploying a liaison program. Learn how.

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