HR's Role in Change Management

How HR Can Succeed in Delivering
Complex Change

Successful Change:
Reality or Aspiration?

Change is the new constant in today's work environment, irrespective of industry or location. Indeed, a typical organization has undertaken five major firm-wide changes in the past three years. And the pace of change is set to continue, with nearly three-quarters of organizations expecting to multiply the types of major change initiatives they will undertake in the next three years.

Troublingly, half of change initiatives fail, and just 34% are a clear success.

The Pressure Is on HR

Traditional, top-down approaches to managing and implementing change are not working, and leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with the speed and low success rate of change implementation.

With 66% of change success factors relating to talent, HR is pressured to deliver successful change. 73% of CEOs expect HR to implement change faster than it did three years ago, and 66% of heads of HR agree.

The change in our company's strategy from organic to inorganic growth through M&A forced us to abruptly increase the available talent base.”

Jorge Rosas
Chief Human Resources Officer

For Change Success,
Rethink Your Approach

More than 70% of companies globally manage change through top-down approaches. However, in modern organizations—which have flatter organizational structures and complex, matrixed reporting lines—an Open Source approach vastly improves the likelihood of change success. Organizations that use an Open Source change strategy:

  • Increase the probability of change success by up to 24 percentage points,
  • Cut implementation time by up to one-third, and
  • Reduce time spent on change by up to 12 hours per week per employee.

How to Adopt
Open Source Change

Open Source change uses the workforce to plan and implement change. Staff not only execute the change, but also influence and improve it. Open Source change includes three key elements:

  1. Leaders include employees in change strategy decisions.
  2. Employees own implementation planning.
  3. Communication is focused on talking, not telling.

Despite its proven advantage, currently only 29% of organizations use a predominantly open-source strategy.

“Employees feel they've been given permission to engage. It's okay for them to be out there asking questions.”

Precillia Redmond
VP of Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Project Management
Liberty Mutual Insurance

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Implement change more effectively at your organization with our offerings for HR leaders.

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Build a Human Resources function for the future with CEB, now Gartner. We uncover best-practice approaches to solve your mission-critical priorities and build frameworks and tools to help you understand and apply the insights.

Our case studies, tools, diagnostics, and training will help you to improve the effectiveness of your HR function, create a high-performing culture, build your leadership bench, and more...

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Quickly identify your organization’s strengths and barriers to success in an Open Source change strategy. Get recommendations for immediate tactical action steps to increase the likelihood of change success.

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Making Change Management Work

Learn how move to a new change approach and decrease implementation time by as much as one third.

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