The Challenger Sale

Driving Growth by Taking Control of the Customer Conversation

Three Questions
That Guided Our Research

  • What sets the best sales reps apart in a complex sales environment?
  • How do you replicate winning sales behaviors?
  • How do you create a differentiated sales experience? 

A different kind of buying has emerged.
It’s Harder to Engage Buyers

Today’s customers don’t need sales reps in the same way they used to; they now wait until they are 57% through the purchase process before contacting Sales. Buyers do independent research and set their own purchase criteria, all before the first seller interaction. 

Sales Experience Drives Customer Loyalty

Purchase experience is the greatest source of differentiation for B2B sellers.

The Five Profiles of Sales Professionals

Challenger™ reps are most likely to win.
Challenger™ Reps Outperform All Other Profiles

Percentage of Core versus High Performers Per Profile

The Challenger™ Fingerprint

Challenger™ sellers use disruptive insights to challenge customers’ assumptions and force them to think differently. They take back control of the purchase conversation in a way that leads customers back to the unique strengths of their organization.

Challenger Rep Behaviors Build Constructive Tension

  • Offers unique perspective
  • Maintains two-way communication 

  • Knows customer value drivers
  • dentifies economic drivers 

  • Is comfortable discussing money
  • Can pressure the customer 
Take Control