Challenger Development Program

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The Challenge

Today's customers have access to more information, require more internal stakeholder consensus to make a purchase, and have more options to solve their business issues. As a result, they delay interacting with suppliers until much later in the buying process – forcing your sellers into the dreaded commodity trap, where price battles and heavy discounts are required just to 'win' a deal.

Leading sales and marketing teams are partnering to overcome these challenges by changing the way they engage customers. Instead of focusing the conversation on product features that rarely influence purchasing decisions or subjecting customers to dozens of diagnostic questions about problems they're already aware of, they are creating disruptive insights – information that teaches a customer something new about their business – that leads back to the supplier as the choice solution.

Our Approach

We know building and delivering Commercial Insight is not easy - that's why regardless of where you are in your journey, CEB has resources and support to help you. From driving a deep conceptual understanding of commercial insight, to building commercial insights for your organization, to actually embedding the insight creation capabilities necessary to scale and sustain your Challenger Messaging strategy, CEB can help.

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