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Improve Quality Staff to Drive Business Action

Improve Quality Staff to Drive Business Action

When quality staff who aren’t business-minded pitch quality initiatives to staff, only 44% of their solutions are implemented. Less business action on quality initiatives harms the overall culture of quality.

Improve Quality Staff Skills to Become Business-Minded

As Quality continues to expand quality principles deeper into the organization, quality staff find themselves more integrated into parts of the business where they haven’t traditionally played a strong role. Quality staff are being asked to make judgments about the best quality solution in much more complex and ambiguous scenarios, which calls for a different set of skills than most quality staff currently have – there is a shortage of business-minded quality staff.

Build an Enabling Environment

Increased focus on hiring and development efforts are unlikely to yield substantial improvements in the number of staff with high levels of business-mindedness.

Quality leadership can achieve twice as much improvement in staff performance across critical competencies by investing in an enabling environment. An enabling environment is made up of the signals and permissions staff receive and the processes and practices that support their work.