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Culture of Quality

Building a Culture of Quality


Companies with strong cultures of quality see 46% fewer mistakes than those with weak cultures of quality. This translates into very real business value: For every 5,000 employees, improving your quality culture can save up to $67 million.

Learn more about building a culture of quality in the video below, or download the white paper for complete findings from our study of more than 60 multinational corporations - including specific tactics from companies who have successfully improved their culture of quality.

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Establish an environment where employees don't just follow quality, they live it. Click below to download our white paper on Building a Culture of Quality.

How to Get Business Partners on Quality's Side

The pace of business continues to increase. This leaves business partners with more projects and faster turnaround times – and means they are unlikely to be excited about Quality initiatives.

To encourage business partners to focus on quality-led improvements, Quality must do three things:

  1. Establish a culture of quality
  2. Design easy-to-adopt quality initiatives
  3. Teach quality staff the skills they need to drive business action

Download our research summary below to learn more about how to kick-start continuous quality improvement. 

6 Steps to Sustain a Culture of Quality

Leading quality organizations focus on a culture of quality to reduce and prevent errors. But without a performance measurement structure or clear communication, it’s hard to sustain this culture. The best quality executives maintain a long-term culture of quality by using a governance model and showing the impact of their initiatives.

Download CEB’s Culture of Quality Checklist below to start defining a process to sustain your culture of quality.

This checklist provides an overview of the six most important culture of quality governance steps plus insights to help you learn from the successes and failures of other executives so you can build your culture of quality strategy with confidence.