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Culture of Quality

Create New Value through a Culture of Quality

Traditional quality management approaches (QMS, work process design, etc.) can help companies reduce the risk for errors, but they do little in terms of creating additional value.

Building a Culture of Quality, however, can both reduce errors and help companies unlock new sources of value through improved customer experience and employee productivity. Unfortunately for many organizations, there is a big opportunity to improve. More than 60% of employees indicate their companies have a weak Culture of Quality.

CEB's article in a recent issue of Harvard Business Review discusses the key factors that drive quality as a cultural value as well as successful tactics from companies like Seagate and Wrigley.

Infographic: Four Actions to Help Employees "Live" Quality


In a Culture of Quality, employees "live" quality in all their actions, beyond the rules laid out for them.

Our infographic summarizes this and other findings from CEB's research, serving as a simple guide for what to keep in mind when strengthening your quality culture.

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Download a copy of CEB's article from Harvard Business Review.