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CEB's Innovation & Strategy practice includes R&D, strategy and quality professionals from the world’s leading companies. We provide best practices, tools, and ideas from the world’s leading companies to make you more effective, accelerate your team’s capabilities, and create transformative growth for your organization.

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Quality: Time to Cultivate Business-Minded Staff
Despite working hard to cultivate staff with business acumen, most Quality functions don’t have enough employees who can understand stakeholder needs and influence internal partners to take action. 04 Feb 2016
Managers’ 3 Mental Blocks to Strategic Planning (and How to Overcome Them)
Strategists will be more likely to help managers consider the long-term if they spend less time on planning process and more on counteracting executives’ operational mindsets. 27 Jan 2016
Quality: A Simple Dashboard to Prevent Employee Mistakes
It's not large-scale corporate changes or big personal milestones that most affect employees' work, but the steady drip-drip of small changes to their role, their responsibilities, or the technology or processes they use. 06 Jan 2016

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I have circulated the CEB case on adjacency mapping widely within Moog and through it have been able to build consensus on expanding laterally through adjacencies. In the absence of a common mental model provided by the capability map, I don't think our executive team would have found common ground to prioritise an investment into such an unfamiliar, new territory for us."

Richard Aubrecht


Vice Chairman and VP for Strategy and Technology

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