Emerging Technology Benchmarking for Midsized Companies

How do your emerging technology plans measure up?

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Significant changes in business demand and fast-evolving technologies have made it harder for IT teams to make the right technology investment decisions.

To improve confidence in your technology plans, CEB’s 2016-2019 Emerging Technology Roadmap benchmarks the adoption timelines, value, and risk for 98 technologies specifically for midsized organizations.

It is based entirely on input from over 300 midsized organizations and is not influenced by vendors. Download our 2016-2019 Emerging Technology Roadmap on the right to learn more.

CEB IT Leadership Council for Midsized Companies

This research is part of CEB IT Leadership Council for Midsized Companies membership.

CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. In partnership with leading organizations around the globe, we develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance.


Looking for a version specifically for large companies? We've got you covered. Download our Emerging Technology Roadmap for Large Companies instead.

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